Intel What Lives Inside

Client: Dell & Intel

Platform: Web & Mobile Web

My Role: UX Designer

Awards: 6 Cannes Lions (2 Silver + 4 Bronze), 2 Clio Awards Shortlist


To showcase the features of the new tablet, Dell and Intel partnered with acclaimed director of 'Maleficent', Robert Stromberg to create a fantasy short film, 'What Lives Inside'. The special part of this film is that the audience are asked to be a part of the film by submitting sketches and drawings of creatures. The most voted submission will be brought to life and included in the final film production.



Design a site for the film that serves to promote the film and gather user submitted sketches before the film is released. The site should also promote the features of the new Dell tablet, in order to drive sales to the product. The site will change states from launch date to the release of the film to accommodate different content pieces such as addition of videos and closing of user submissions.



  • Designed the user experience and user interactions for the desktop and mobile site.

  • Designed with the 5 different phases of the website in mind where it needs to handle different content throughout its lifecycle.

  • Worked with the Art Director to determine the look and feel of the site.