Meet Me At Starbucks

Client: Starbucks

Platform: Web (YouTube Gadget) & Mobile Web

My Role: UX Designer

Awards: FWA Site Of The Day, AdWeek Ad Of The Day



'Meet Me At Starbucks' is the brand's first global campaign filmed at 59 different stores in 28 countries in one day. The focus on this campaign is not on the coffee, rather on telling compelling stories that take place in the stores around the world. A 6-minute long interactive documentary video that lives on Starbucks' YouTube channel will prompt users to click on the 8 different embedded mini-documentaries spread along the main video to learn more about those stories. The mini-videos cover stories such as postcards fanatics in Prague, a band auditioning at Starbucks in Hong Kong to look for new band members, a group of hearing impaired people getting together as a community at a Starbucks in Honolulu, volunteers discussing plans on cleaning up the canals in Amsterdam and so on. 



Design a video player control that seamlessly integrates the main video and the 8 mini-videos. The timeline should clearly distinguish the main video and mini-videos, at the same time do not deviate too far from how a regular timeline functions. The player has to include timely visual prompts to play mini-videos along the timeline to ensure that users are aware of the additional contents. If the users do not trigger the mini-videos, the original linear cut video will be shown.



  • Explored and iterated on various timeline designs to show the added functionality.
  • Determined how timeline should behave in different use cases (i.e. What happens to the expanded timeline if users scrub back on the normal timeline.
  • Added multiple ways for users to enter or leave a mini-video (clicking on the prompt bubble or on the video itself) so that users can easily perform these actions.
  • Added cues and hints to guide users while they navigate the video.