i am @brazuca

Client: adidas

Platform: Web (YouTube Gadget)

My Role: UX Designer

Awards: FWA Site Of The Month



Adidas is a major sponsor of the FIFA World Cup and also delivers the official match balls for the event. The design of the ball – dubbed Brazuca by the Brazilian public – was shown officially to the public on December 3rd 2013. The idea behind the campaign surrounding the release is to see the world from the perspective of the Brazuca, also reflected in the language in the campaign with taglines such as “I am Brazuca.”

The big challenge was to figure out how to experience what it might feel like, as a ball, to be played by world famous football players and regular kids alike. The idea is to let the user see the world from the perspective of the ball in an interactive 360 degree panorama.



Design a custom 360˚ player that allows the user to change the camera angle and pan around the 360˚ video. The player has to clearly indicate the different parts of the video, the normal linear cut video and the interactive 360˚ video to the users. It also has to provide clear visual cues to prompt users to activate the 360˚ video. The interfaces and interactions has to be seamlessly designed so if the user does not interact with the player, they should be able to see the linear cut without interruption.



  • Designed the user experience and user interactions for the 360 ̊ custom video player and also the linear cut custom video player.

  • Ensure that all hints and cues to the users are clearly and subtly stated to guide the users to operate the 360 ̊ video player.

  • Wireframed the player controls to show different states of user interactions.

  • Created the user flow diagram to map out all the possible flows in the experience.